Awakening ! A spiritual and practical guide to life By Dr. Tomer Sivron

As the title suggests, its a spiritual and practical guide to life thus I had a lot of expectations from this book. Within the pages of this book, readers will find practical tools and guides that have the power to change their lives. Anyone who reads such books, will be able to take the notes from the pages and put them in to action immediately in their own personal life. Well ! That’s the beauty of motivational books, in the end you will get something in return to apply in your life. There are tips given that are designed to help you bring about change in what your reality is and create the life you are meant to live and obviously want. The author goes through his personal experiences throughout the book. In the beginning I was impressed with how the author was able to combine together both science and spirituality in one book. I have read many self-help books and guides thus I expected a lot from this book. I wanted to see what deep insights the author might provide regarding taking control of one’s life and making changes for the better but I felt disappointed in the end. The author writes this book from a personal perspective and shares personal experiences and insights of his own but somehow I didn’t feel the connection.