Perky Girl : The Amazing Life Of Bienna Molo By Vera I. Roberts

About the Author : Vera Inez Roberts is a youth author and gifted student at SPECTRUM Academy. Vera was only nine (9) years old when she wrote Perky Girl: The Amazing Life of Bienna Molo and she was just 11 years old when she took the book through the publishing process. Vera’s special interests include making and watching stop-motion videos, acting, singing, writing, video games, and playing with her American Girl and other dolls and pets. She is the mastermind designer of the Perky Girl website,, the Perky Girl Quiz, and the affiliated book club. Vera intends to pursue writing and live performance appearances while finding her ultimate life goals.

My Say : With this book, I got the chance to revisit my childhood days! This book was like a diary of a perky yet a brave girl. This is a chapter book for ages 5-14 years old. The book follows the main character, a girl named Bienna, from preschool through college and into old age. Bienna is bright, talented and always sticking up for doing the right things. Bienna goes through typical struggles and high achievements during elementary school and early high school. Her life winds down in sequels 1 and 2, where Bienna attends and graduates college, gets married and lives out her life on the delightful pages of this most extraordinarily crafted novella.

Written by a child for other children, Yes! This book is written by a kid for other kids. The cover looks like a drawing and the language is pretty simple. I found those code language letters, graphs and student’s list very interesting.

This book could have been more useful for kids if the author would have shown more struggle and fight against bullying. This book actually became monotonous with the repetition of events. This book represented a fairy tale which had no struggles and everything was happening easily but the Author herself is too young to understand these struggles thus she should have shown the childhood phase only! Still your kids can go for this book for a light read up!

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