Book Review : WINTER By Reece Ran


This book was just not my cup of tea. I think it had a great potential but I disliked this book more than I dislike winters. I really wanted to like this book and be able to give it a great review. There’s so many things about this book that I disliked, I even wanted to give up in less than halfway through. There were just so many different plots and twists thrown and that made no sense. I’m definitely left with a bad taste in my mouth after this one. This review is much harder for me to give than most others. Plotting was so confusing that one point in particular was about Neo-Nazi which came out of nowhere. I wanted to put the book down, unfinished but I only finished this book because I wanted to know where would the Author take the story from here now.  The other thing that really made me angry was the lack of a conclusion. I even read the story within a story after and I am still not able to figure out what exactly happened in the end. It was just an unfinished end to an poorly structured novel. Too many plots, too many unexpected twists that made no logical sense and the racism coming out of nowhere created a blunder. I hope author don’t repeat such mistakes in upcoming books.