Book Review : Vittoria By Dafna Vitale Ben Bassat


Vittoria is a remarkable historical novel about Vittoria Vitale. This is a story about a family that although was not practicing Jews but still affected by Nazi actions during World War Second. The story focuses mostly on the Italian Jewish community and how they struggled throughout the war and the Holocaust. It’s also about women, their importance and their strength, in particular Vittoria’s strength as she makes unconventional choices, as she goes through great lengths to survive. What I liked about the book was that it was well written. I have read many books and watched many movies based on that period. I loved the characterisation and the storyline built by the Author and it just flowed while reading the book. I felt for her and her family and I just wanted to see her and them safe. There is nothing that I could say was bad with this story. The book has a lot of heart, as it’s mostly about family. love, hope and the survival in the worst circumstances. I even felt emotional while reading the book. I would love to read more from this Author. I loved how I got connected with the story. I would like to recommend this book.