Book Review : BEFORE : The Smith and Miya Collection By Dan Matheson


About the Book : Join long time friends Smith and Miya, as they are thrust into solving an unexpected mystery. Their adventure only gets more complicated when the local Sheriff, and his son Billy, start sticking their noses in where they don’t belong. It’s the most intriguing thing to ever happen to Smith, Miya, and the small town of Steele Valley. Are they ready to handle the astonishing truth when the mystery finally unravels?

About the Author & Illustrator  : Dan Matheson, A budding author who has a life long love of Comics and Graphic Novels, with professional experience in CG content creation and 3D animation.  Dan drew on this knowledge in order to write and release his first children’s Graphic Novel, which is part of a series of three.  He is aiming to push his creativity through learning and bettering his knowledge to fast track the release of the next books in the series as soon as possible.

My Say : Some books take you to your beautiful memories of childhood. You laugh, you cry, sometimes you feel bad for characters, sometimes you feel proud of them and you get so attached that you keep the book with you to read it again. My experience with this book was like the same. This book took me down the memory lane and I actually felt connected with these two lovely characters : Smith and Miya.

After a long time I saw such lovely illustrations. I can see the efforts made by the illustrator in expressing the whole content in a very unique way. The story was like a roller coaster ride for me. I liked the way Author kept the mystery alive till the end.

Storyline and Characterisation was quite good which you rarely find in a graphic novel. I liked that blueprint presented in the beginning  of the book to explain the Steele Valley’s residents. This book was full of humour, drama, mystery and little bit of love story. This is the first book in the series and now I am eagerly waiting for the next book.

I would like to give 4 out of 5 stars to this book and I recommend this book to you and specially to your kids.

P.S. : This book is best viewed in landscape mode (viewing 2 pages at a time), with black background. 

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With this review, I am signing out and I shall catch up soon with my next post.

~ Sonali Agarwal~

Happy Reading and Stay Curious !