Book Review : Stormy Waters By Miron Ben Ari

A young man’s quest to find his own identity, This story is not just a usual love story, Stormy Waters By Miron Ben Ari is a crime thriller. The main character Adam Bernstein’s past is darker than he could ever imagine. Adam Bernstein wakes up on the beach at dead of night with a headache and also next to a mutilated body. He has lost his memory. This made him terrified and he flees the crime scene, on a quest to discover his identity, his freedom and his life. Adam quickly learns that his former life holds everything he could ask for: plenty of money and a beautiful girlfriend. For a moment, it even seems like things might go back to being normal again but everything is shattered when an unknown man attempts at Adam’s assassination. A man on a desperate race for survival Adam is trying to piece together the remains of his past. A dark, urban thriller about love, crime and blood this book has a lot to offer you. I like to read thrillers and I found this book one time read up. I loved the idea but this book could have been better with more focus on characterisation and well developed story line.