Book Review : Hi-Tech Hijack By Dov Nardimon

First of all I really loved the title and cover of the book. Eddie, an Israeli career scientist who is on the never ending quest to cure cancer with the Ebola virus. He finds himself and his partner in a precarious situation when they are kidnapped en-route to their destination. A large portion of this book is a flash back which I actually liked reading.  It explains how Eddie was so desperate that he gave himself Ebola and is still recuperating from his recovery. Eddie, our protagonist, remains logical and opportunist at every turn. I am sure that author has obviously done a good research on ebola and some serious checking into how scientific research is performed. The facts contained in the book are mind boggling on their own. If you like  to read thrillers then you will love this book! I was amazed with the characterisation and storyline. The manipulation and adventure makes it a total page turner. I like to recommend this book.