Book Review : Code Blue By Zvika Amit

Code Blue is set in Israel where there is a conspiracy to bring down the current government. When the cabal takes control, our protagonists are in the dang middle of it all. Gavrush, the main protagonist, illustrates the dangers of West Bank settlement expansion. He is a relatively moderate West Bank settler compared to the coalition of extremist zealots that he assembles to bring about the coup. Gavrush believes that he is acting in the best interests of Israel, but his primary motivation is something else which makes him quite selfish. Gavrush’s mistress, Rinat, is also an important character in the book

who initially has no idea about Gavrush’s actual role. So this book will take on the search of these questions like, Will Gavrush be able to control the country’s future? what will Rinat do once she fully comprehends what Gavrush’s plans are? Zvika Amit’s approach is quite realistic as it is prophetic, examining the different fabrics of the political life of the country. The plot is well-thought out. What I liked more that plot is executed with mastery. Code Blue is a masterpiece, a novel that will thrill many readers because it is full of drama and surprises that’s why be ready to get many surprises while reading the book. This novel will entertain you and will make you think at the same time. I loved reading this and I would like to recommend this book.