Book Review : To Kill A Shadow By Nathan Ronen


First of all I really liked the title of this book. Its a thriller featuring murder and love, this book will have readers enrapt and glued to the pages till the end. Its a thriller with an international setting which combines drama, crime and romance. In short it has all the elements of keeping the readers entertaining. Nathan Ronen did a great job of creating a fast paced masterpiece laced with unexpected twists and with well developed characters. Arik is a departmental head at mossad but no one knows about his real job. As a result there are lots of fences to be mended in order to find some balance in his life. With lots of responsibilities on his shoulders, a failed mission creates many troubles in his life and then he cant afford to get distracted and fall in love. This created a sub plot in the story and I really liked this twist. I loved reading this book and I liked the style of Author which was seen in the characters and the plot of this book. I wish good luck to the Author for upcoming projects. I recommend this book to read.