Book Review : To Live The Future By Hayuta Katzenelson


To live the future by Hayuta Katzenelson is a thriller which is set against the backdrop of Second World War. Germany was invading Poland, causing anguish to the jewish population. Rivka, a librarian, she faces the dangers of the war while working as a spy for a powerful family. Her determination left me stunned. It is the story of love, fight, loss for the freedom from Nazi Germany and then reunion. This well written book was perfectly characterised and I felt connected with the spy who was forced to be separated from her family. This is a stellar work of fiction, quite gripping and entertaining. Hayuta Katzenelson has done a brilliant job in maintaining the plot interesting and keeping my interest riveted on the pages. I am sure that readers will love the plot with all the surprises it has to offer. I enjoyed the way Author explored the different cultures and historical elements of the novel. What I did not like was that there was so much loss in it. It was like this one woman was forced to lose a lot and really gain a little. Overall it was a nice read up!