Book Review : The Wizard and the Warlord (The Wardstone Trilogy Book 3) by M.R. Mathias


Now we have come to the conclusion of the series with this book three. Finally in this book we come to the end of the journey and the characters of this book finally complete their quest. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to this trilogy. This book has it all from bloody battles to the mental challenges. The book examines the idea of revenge and shows the undesired effects that can occur when revenge is the only monitor. Hayden hawk knows he must defeat the warlord even if this evil creature was once his brother. The story starts with the Elves and introduces their culture as well as some new characters. These new characters are skill-fully connected with some of the previous characters. Most of them grows as the story develops and then concludes. The book was quite descriptive and I had the clear image of all characters while reading the book. To me it looked liked a children’s book in first impression as the characters were quite young in the beginning but then characters grew up and there was a lot of sexual content too. The book was easy to read and moved at a really fast pace. All the main characters returned but there were some new addition too. I liked reading this book and I recommend this book.