Book Review : Philosophy By Rahmel Garner


As the title suggests, ‘Philosophy’ is full of philosophies which can lead a human’s life in a better direction. It’s quite an honest approach done by the Author. Rahmel Garner has done a great job by presenting a different way to look at inner self. This book makes you think deeply about your existence and your surroundings. This book is mainly designed to help readers to look at them honestly and keeping their thinking aside which is already developed by their environment. This book presents an extremely new way of opening the eyes of readers to the reality of self. ‘Who are you?’ ‘What defines you?’ ‘What are you?’ The Author has tried to explore these questions about a human being and made a successful attempt at solving these questions. I enjoyed reading this book as it made me re-evaluate about my existence as a human being. This book is more like a discussion or a conversation so if you are expecting a story from it then this book is not for you. I liked the simple style of writing which makes this book approachable for all kinds pf readers. I recommend this book if you are looking forward to read something ‘Philosophical’.

~Sonali Agarwal~