Book Review : Escape From Ancient Egypt By A.K. Taylor


My Say : Well !! Escape From Ancient Egypt by A.K. Taylor is an ambitious book but with also some structure challenges. I actually liked the concept because it had a lot of potential. Time travel has a lot of risk and tends to be fast-paced. Mixed with mystery, romance and the setting itself, I wouldn’t say I had high hopes for the book but I definitely expected something decent. Unfortunately, I was not that lucky.

Escape From Ancient Egypt by A. K. Taylor is book two in the Neiko Adventure series. Although penned as a series, each book stands alone with action adventure all of its own and that’s a good thing about it. ‘Escape From Ancient Egypt’ is for those young adult readers who enjoy time travel to ancient Egypt with a Native American Indian twist.

The book starts out with a wonderful map drawing of Egypt Ca 1300 BC drawn by the author. The seven photo illustrations were produced by a separate artist. Her book cover design is by Mallory Rock. This book is the second in the Neiko Adventure Saga and I would just like to say that while I haven’t read the first still the plot was fairly easy to follow.

The protagonist, Neiko, is trapped by her enemy, Francesco, who is out for revenge. He sends her to Ancient Egypt during the time of Ramesses II with no hope of escape. Once there, she finds her long lost friends who have been stranded there for the past eleven years but things go terribly wrong when Ramesses himself falls in love with her. In this adventure novel, Neiko must work together with her friends in hopes of trying to get home, without changing history in the process.

What this author desperately needed was an editor. I hated those errors which I found in this book. There were many formatting errors, spelling errors and more than once the author used “you’re” instead of “your”. What really took you out of the story, as a reader, was the language itself. I have to give it 1.5/5 stars. If the author is reading this, I would like to say that her ideas are intriguing but she really needs to work on her style, grammar, spelling and above all the whole execution.

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