Review : Ian,CEO, North Pole By Eric Dana Hansen

About the Author : Eric Hansen is a first generation Danish-American. He was born in Philadelphia while his immigrant parents were on their way from Denmark to a new life in southern California. He grew up in Santa Maria, California and now resides in Reno, Nevada. As a former corporate leader, Eric was a firm believer in enabling people to realize their full potential. This is reflected in IAN, CEO, NORTH POLE.

About the Book : Ian, being very bright, is called upon to help Santa keep up with what’s going on in a rapidly changing world. He loves the challenge and excels in his new role. He soon finds himself asked to accompany Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve. What happens during that fateful evening will go down in history!

My Say : First of all, This book’s unique title grabbed my attention. I never read such book based on Christmas story! Thus, this one managed to captivate me right from the very beginning. This is a fairly slow read, especially considering the age range. I think my favorite part of reading this was seeing the descriptions about Santa’s workshop and everything come to life. The information about various cultures and the way in which Ian followed it and learned about it was super interesting. The author did a great job of making this a learning experience without completing halting the book to do so. The author does an amazing job of painting the picture with incredibly simple but effective descriptions and I was able to see exactly what the author was trying to show.

Ian is a fantastic character and I loved how curious he was in trying to find out more about the world. I think there could have been a little bit more going on in the plot but all in all I thought it was exceptionally well put together.

This was certainly worth 3 stars from me because I think kids will be better off for having read this book. It’s just fine thinking about Santa and the North Pole and with Christmas coming up this will be an awesome book to pick up for a little kid.

It was short and sweet and very well put together book. I think there is enough solid information in this book to make both parents and kids happy.

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