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About the Book : Allery Alexia Wick of South Haven, Michigan is much like other 15 years old. She remains rebellious, worries about friendships and studies hard for a test that will determine her future but that test isn’t the SAT, because Alexia is a witch. Her family belongs to one of the three coven branches, Alerium; her parents are a High Priestess and Priest. Ambitious Alexia resolves to work hard with her mentor, Darren Smalls, on spell-casting and with her after-school club on prepping for the Trials (South Haven Academy for the Gifted and Talented is a public magnet school but many students are secretly witches. Starting her sophomore year, Alexia makes two discoveries: her best friend drops her and Kaleb, a handsome new student, makes her heart pound and face blush. She tries to sort out high school angst as she attends class, goes to football games and plays Truth or Dare but a far more serious conflict materializes among the covens and with vampires—a clash that worsens when a secret book is stolen, with disastrous results for the teenagers’ Trials. With Alexia’s sister kidnapped, the book still missing, and a war to prevent, the story ends on a to-be-continued cliffhanger.

My Say :  A story that is very bland with no plot progression. Where do I even begin? There’s too much of info dumping and no character development. As the story is about covens and their politics, a lot of information is thrown at the reader but not built upon. The only relationship that felt authentic to me was when Alexia was with her family. I liked how even her parents were a part of the story. But that was it. I also found the rules for the Covens very confusing as when something is mentioned, it is just left there and some other side plot shows up. There are also a lot of characters introduced without any backstories. The story reads like the diary of an average teenage girl who happens to be a witch. I was wondering when the story was going to end or go somewhere. To top this off, there are some twists which are just left hanging. Something is introduced and then is just left. The characters don’t bother chasing down a lead or anything. This makes for a very lack luster read. It gets over like in one or two chapters. That’s it! The author wanted to introduce a lot of elements but was unable to connect them altogether to make a successful story.

Sadly, there was a major disconnect between things. I also found the romance to be very cringe-worthy. It reminded me too much of the “Twilight” series but the relationship was way too forced. I mean Alexia hardly has any interaction with this guy but then suddenly, he says that he likes her!  Where did even come from? How has this relationship even progressed when they weren’t even friends?

All in all, This book was a major disappointment. The story initially had potential but doesn’t live up to the first couple of pages. I am not at all excited about the next book.

I would like to give 2 out of 5 stars. 

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