[R.E.V.I.E.W] Guardian Of Paradise By W.E. Lawrence


About the Author: W. E. Lawrence graduated in 1978 from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a BS in Business Administration. Despite wishing he had taken more courses in Journalism and Communications, he has run a successful home health care supplies distributorship for the past twenty-three years. Passionate about God, writing, reading, family, sports, politics and America.Lawrence currently lives in Davidson, North Carolina with his lovely wife and their two wonderful children.

About the Book : In 1888, Kira Wall, surviving daughter of missionaries swept away in a tsunami, lives a primitive but enjoyable life with natives on an isolated island in the South Pacific. Her serene world is turned upside down when an Australian merchant ship, commanded by the sinister Captain Darcy Coleman arrives with an overabundance of modern and lavish goods. Kira suspects ill intent. Chief Ariki refuses to listen to Kira’s warning, forcing her to uncover the real plan of the captain on her own. Unfortunately, she has a distraction. A six-foot tall, blond and handsome distraction. Trevor Marshall, doctor and botanist, hopes to find exotic plants on the island to research new cures and medicines. He is dedicated to science but when meeting the strong-willed, beautiful Kira Wall, he’d prefer to spend time researching her all night.The captain thwarts Kira’s attempts to call him out at every step, turning the village chief against her. With only Trevor and her best friend Malana by her side, she stalks the captain and his officers through the dense, predator infested jungle toward the island’s inactive volcano. Frustrated by her failure to reveal the captain’s true intentions, Kira begins to think maybe she’s wrong about everything. Then an explosion and earthquake bigger than anyone on the island has ever seen renews her resolve. Was the blast natural or man-made? She is determined to prove it was the captain’s doing. Kira races against time and the island people’s naivety to stop the captain from destroying her home and killing everyone she loves.

My Say :  Guardian Of Paradise by W.E. is high on romance and adventure. I was hooked right from the beginning to the very end. I loved the way Kira epitomizes strength and femininity at once. The characterization in the book is very strong. It is always interesting to see these two aspects go hand in hand. On the romance front, Kira and Trevor have a very sweet bond. It is interesting to see how their relationship progresses. Adventure wise, the story is quite predictable yet the writing makes you want to read until the end. I really enjoyed reading this book especially because of the beautiful setting of this story. The fitting descriptions made the island’s beauty come to life. The writing was really simple and easy to follow which made this book a really breezy read. The book premise is based on a South Pacific Island of Alofa. The beautiful portrayal of Alofa will make you want to pack your bags and visit Alofa right away.

Being a Historical Fiction fan, I was left craving for more. I liked the romance bit too. It was the main theme but thankfully the author did not overburden the story with mindless romance.Despite a few minor flaws like lacking justification of some of the actions of the islanders and a few other loose ends; I liked reading this book. I recommend this book if you like to read historical fiction full of romance, drama and adventure.

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