{{Review}} The Water Trade By Rob Smith


The Water Trade By Rob Smith is about love, war, mystery, history and lot more. The Water Trade held my interest from beginning to end. Smith’s writing captured my attention and it was making it difficult for me to stop while reading the book. Smith starts out by giving the reader background information about Japan’s water trade. He shares how it started in the 5th century in Japan, beginning as informal arrangements of “entertainment” by females for males and how it evolved into the more formal geisha system of “entertainment” by the 17th century. Sex and sensuality are implied at times, but the word “entertainment” is how the author explains the system. This is just the beginning of the details Smith gives us throughout the story. Central to the story Arashi Sasaki, a Japanese spy in Hawaii, providing important information leading to the Pearl Harbour attack in December 1941. Sasaki’s bipolar personality makes him different. This condition helps him in performing his demanding espionage role. It was that aspect of the character which initially drew me to reviewing this novel. I was a little disappointed that not a lot was actually provided about Sasaki’s condition, its implications and how he controlled the excesses that come with it.

I am not a great lover of reading Historical fictions, still this book gained my attention. The full extent and complexity of the story is such that a lot of development was required. Overall I think Rob Smith has done a great job. However the concept of the story was such that a lot of information was necessary. I was disappointed at how much of it was provided as in quite detailed manner.

The Water Trade is a work of fiction, which primarily takes place during World War 2 in Hawaii and the decade afterwards. I loved reading this book and I recommend this book to all those people who like to read historical fiction.

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