{{Review}} Prophase : A Present Tale By Mitchel Street


 Title:  Prophase : A Present Tale 
 Author: Mitchel Street
Publisher: Mitchel Street; 1 edition (March 20, 2014)
Genre: Fiction
Source: OnlineBookClub
Rating: 2/5

About the Author :  Mitchel Street is an avid storyteller with an innate passion for fiction writing. He was raised in rural Wisconsin near the shores of Lake Michigan across from a small forest that became his second home. As an adult, M. Street has lived on the East Coast in Boston, on the West Coast in San Jose and now resides South, in the great city of Austin, TX. A love for nature, art, spirituality and science has been his foundation. He has been fortunate to have been adopted by cats, dogs, birds, frogs, turtles and Monarch butterflies. His professional background is rooted in Engineering having earned a graduate degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is technically published (under a different name). He is currently creating Metaphase and Anaphase, the follow-on to Prophase, part of the Mitosis series

About the book : Piper Walker lost her mother to cancer at a young age. Since then her father has become an alcoholic and she has become the main caretaker of her younger brother, Charlie. Piper is now in her senior year of high school and is looking forward to attending University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall. When her boyfriend Chris, who is also going to attend college with her in the fall, breaks up with her days before her birthday she is devastated and heartbroken. An emotional confrontation then happened between the two at the school dance on her birthday, which her best friend Lisa insisted they go to. Upset she leaves with Lisa and their friend Josh and almost dies in an accident. Somehow Piper has saved their lives by manipulating the very essence of the car and stopping a collision that would have taken all of their lives. But how? This book tries to resolve this question in its further chapters.

My Say : The entire book was an okay read, Although there were some interesting moments but overall it was pretty average.  I felt that the plot line became very predictable towards the end of the book. I thought most of the characters came across as quite immature which I guess they were meant to be, but I couldn’t really form any connection with Piper.  The more that I read about this character, the more that I disliked Piper, I felt there were parts of her personality that didn’t really built like the way author wanted. I did think that Piper became a much more unlikable character after her transformation. Although she claimed to care about and love her friends, I didn’t really see much evidence of that in this book. I felt that her friends didn’t seem to exist outside of her; mostly because I was only ever told what they were thinking and feeling through Piper, without having the chance to see it for myself. It all became quite skeptical. I feel bad for the Author because there was a lot of potential in this book but I don’t think I’ll be reading the next book in this series.

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