{{Review}} Saint George : Rusty Night and Monster Tamer by John Powell


Title: Saint George : Rusty Knight and Monster                Tamer
Author: John Powell
Publisher: Book Guild Ltd
ISBN: 9781910508190
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Pages: 160
Source: OnlineBookClub
Rating: 3.5/5

About the Author : John Powell has got a long and distinguished career as an industrial and scientific engineer. In 1971, He traveled to Ghana to take up the post of senior lecturer in mechanical engineering at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi and his life-long love affair with Ghana began. Since then, he has traveled the world as a consultant to many international agencies, including UNIDO. He was awarded the OBE in 1991 for services to technical education in Ghana and in 2003, he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science by KNUST in recognition of his long and invaluable service to the country. He now lives in Whitney, Oxfordshire.

About the Book : In a world infested with monsters intent on harassing the citizenry and scaring the livestock, People need an efficient Patron Saint and Minister for the Environment. George, a vertically challenged and impoverished knight in rusty Armour would appear a poor choice were it not for the fact that during his travels in the Austrian Tyrol, he discovered a cake with the miraculous power to tame monsters. Suddenly for the first time in his life, George is in demand. Elevated to ministerial position by King Freddie and Prime Minister Merlin, George becomes famous while remaining (sadly) impoverished and wittingly or otherwise has a hand in improving international relations with France, creating the first trade union, repelling a Scottish invasion and defining the number of players in a cricket team.

My Say: This “Saint George:Rusty Knight and Monster Tamer” book took me to the old days of my childhood. Aimed at the children’s book market and presenting content that is entirely appropriate for younger readers, I enjoyed reading the stories in this book. They are just plain old fun without any lessons to learn. I am sure that ten- to twelve-year-old kids will be fascinated by the fun historical content; however, some younger readers may need help with few complicated terminologies.

There are many things which I liked about this book, for instance, fun personalities of characters, action and lots of humor. Children will surely like the silly things the characters say and do in this book, like taking a bath in a full suit of armour and sleeping a whole week through. I’m sure parents who would read this to their kids will also get a laugh out of it. Each tale is a good length to be read in one sitting, which makes the book a perfect choice for bedtime read.

The stories are rich and varied with light content to make them entertaining. My own particular favourite was George and the Scottish Invasion, which made me really laugh out loud. This book also contains few illustrations which will help younger children to understand the story in a better way. As far as parental guidance is concerned, this book does contain one use of mild language and there is a joke made about suicide which may not be suitable for young children. The book is set in England thus, there are some jokes and references which are little complicated for children to understand.

Overall I Sonali Agarwal, would like to conclude this review by saying that this book represents a sharp and witty satirical comedy filled with comic caricatures and disgruntled dignitaries. I recommend this book for your children.

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