{{Review}} The Blessing of Movement By Deborah Konrad

Title: The Blessing Of Movement
Author: Deborah Konrad
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 978150491563
Genre: Memoir
Source: OnlineBookClub
Rating: 3.5/5

About the Author : In addition to navigating the dynamics of being the youngest of three girls, Deborah Konrad functioned as a caregiver in some capacity for both her elderly parents and her sister Sandra. Although she holds a degree in Biochemistry from Mount Holyoke College and an MS in Health Care Administration, writing has always been her secret hobby. The blessing of Movement is inspired by the complex relationship which she had with her sister before and after she was injured and left a quadriplegic. Deborah and her husband Nelson live in the Houston Texas area and serve as pet parents to their German Shephards Yukon and Kane.

About the Book: In her debut memoir, Konrad eloquently captures the complexities of her relationship with a larger-than-life sister whose towering presence—both literally and figuratively—molded the family in ways big and small. Sandra; Fearless, headstrong and dominant, her personality sets the stage for a family dynamic that will affect all members for the rest of their lives, the youngest sister most of all. The complex relationship between these two sisters spans over forty years of events and results in a final act of redemption, restoration and forgiveness. The story demonstrates how one can flourish despite circumstances and motivates the reader to live their best life every day. It is a story of family, growth and the overwhelmingly powerful impact of unconditional love.

My Say : This book is a biography of a family member which shows a wild ride, a story of loss, redemption and the chronicle of a sister’s love. Author Deborah Konrad describes growing up in and around Houston, Texas, as part of an upper middle-class African-American family in the days of Jim Crow segregation. She and her two sisters were expected to excel in school and life but after high school, her older sister Sandra veered off the straight, narrow and into a life of petty crime and sexual experimentation. Facing an eight-year prison sentence, she was dealt a new blow when a gunshot rendered her a quadriplegic. The family had to make her care their number one priority and their individual lives suffered as a result.Konrad spins this tale in a way that illustrates the contradictory nature of sibling relationships. A moving testament to the power of unconditional love and its ability to get us through our darkest hours.

Being a lover of reading memoirs, I liked this book. Obviously such genres are not meant for everyone and not all can feel connected to such stories. I felt connected to this heart warming story of siblings which shown that tremendous love between two sisters. There were pictures also attached in the book which enhanced the value of the story. In mid, I lost the interest little bit because of the same storyline but the emotions behind the story kept me going till the end.

I recommend this book only if you like to read memoirs. Give it a try.

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