Review : Open Season by Maryann Miller


Title: Open Season 
Author: Maryann Miller 
Publisher: Five Star
ISBN: 978-1594149153
Genre: Fiction
Source: OnlineBookClub
Rating: 2.5/5

About the Author : Miller has received the Page Edwards Short Story Award, placed first in the screenwriting competition at the Houston Writer’s Conference, was a semi-finalist at Sundance and in the Chesterfield Screenwriting Competition. She is the theatre director at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts, where she directs adult and youth productions and coordinates the annual Kidzz On Stage Drama Camp. Maryann Miller writes the critically acclaimed Seasons Mystery Series that debuted with Open Season and continued with Stalking Season. Her latest release, Doubletake, a stand-alone mystery was chosen as the 2015 Best Mystery by the Texas Association of Authors. Miller also likes to be onstage and has appeared in numerous productions. Her most recent role was Big Mama in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. When not working or playing on stage, Miller enjoys her time at “Grandma’s Ranch” where she lives with one horse, one goat, one sheep, one dog, and four cats. The cats rule.

About the Book : Open Season is a fairly unusual serial killer thriller. Its a tale of two women, Sarah Kingsly and Angel Johnson, newly assigned as partners, tackling a high-profile case when a serial killer starts targeting mall employees in Open Season, the first mystery in this series by Maryann Miller.  The two detectives are a mismatch from the beginning. Sarah, white, an experienced homicide detective is being investigated for the use of deadly force in which a young black male was killed. Angel, black, newly promoted to detective, wonders if her promotion was due to her ability as an officer or the color of her skin. Their superiors believe that it’s good public relations to pair them together and both resent it. The fact that the case to which they’re assigned is being closely followed by the press doesn’t help, someone has been killing, apparently at random, workers at local malls, the only clues being a handwritten note left behind suggesting more to come and that the victims were garroted with piano string.

My say :  Okay!! As I have told you in my earlier posts that I like to read murder mysteries and I am a die hard fan of suspense novels. I had some great expectations from this book because the beginning and the characters were quite strong. The unusual theme of connecting a murder mystery with an another tale of two officers is what I liked most about this book. It is styled as a police procedural. It’s a tricky balance and it doesn’t always work, coming off a bit boring at times. When I started it; I thought that I was going to like this book a lot but by the end I really didn’t care for the characters at all and just wanted to end this book. I am not sure why everything went downhill for me in the character development and in the story line but I must say that I didn’t feel connected. It was a pretty good story but again sometimes you just don’t get the idea of what the Author wants to explain.

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