[Review] Life Expressed in 25 Words Or Less {Distilled Wisdom For Life} By Jack Cantwell

About the Author and Book :  (I want you to read how beautifully the Author has given his introduction and explained about this book in his own words)

My name is Jack Cantwell. By day, I do paid marketing for clients and pro bono marketing work for select charities and my church St. Mary’s, Lebanon, Pennsylvania. By night, I work at becoming a published author, when I’m not teaching a marketing or sales class for Elizabethtown College. I had this idea when my wife Pat and I lived in Japan (from 1987 to 1991) that If I observe things and think thoughts, can they be expressed in random word pictures? That’s the concept of haiku, isn’t it? Can each thought be expressed in twenty-five words or less? Pure haiku is 17 syllables (too difficult for me), so I created my own rule of 25 words or less and I tried it out. Each first attempt uses more than 25 words. The editing is part of the challenge and the fun. The next step was easy to decide. Like a good marketing guy, I wrote a sample book, had 150 copies printed and gave them away to friends, relatives, business colleagues and people who heard about it and asked for a copy. In return, I asked for feedback. The results were highly encouraging which motivated me to take this project to the next level. This is what you’re reading now. The original work is still included, plus this introduction is longer. There are well over 60 new word pictures and in response to requests, I wrote a new section of back stories. Some of my sample readers called this poetry for the non-poetry readers; others observed that they were reading my autobiography in small bites. Remarks like that are woven into the motivation to keep going with the book. God has blessed me with a good life and I’m pleased to open the door and invite you to be part of it through this medium, the haiku-inspired word pictures. The life connection has also inspired the title of the book.

My Say : I finished reading this book in less than an hour. This book has got quite appealing and unique concept which quickly grabbed my attention. This book is worth reading for anyone who enjoys poetry and likes succinct poems. Life Expressed in 25 Words or Less is full of what the author calls ‘word pictures’.

At first, when reading this book, I had the impression that author wants to explain something about his personal life but after reading through many of the poems, I realized that the personal touch is there but only by design. Many of the poems are brilliantly written. I liked the precise and excellent use of words to describe thoughts in this book.

Jack Cantwell has done a great job with subtle use of words drawing one’s attention to a particular moment. While many of his poems are inspired from real life scenarios during his five years of stay in Japan and his travel around the world, many of his poems are inspired from his life experiences at work. His extensive research into a thought shows his great efforts which he has put into writing Haikus in his version of 25 words or less.

If you haven’t read Haikus then start reading from this book and you will be amazed by the poems that reflects one’s thoughts with a lot of precision and imagination. There were many instances in the book where I was completely lost and it took me to some different world of imaginations. In some instances the emotions connected with the poem really touched my heart. This book gave me so many moments and visualizations to experience in just 25 words or less!

I recommend this book and I also suggest you to follow the instructions which are given by the author in the beginning of the book.

Rating : 4 out of 5 stars

P.S. I wanted to write this review in 25 words or less but I just couldn’t because its quite tough to explain things in less words.

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This is Sonali Agarwal concluding today’s review with my personal favorite word picture from this book :

” The homeless man empties

his pockets

And gives his $10.46

To another man walking for

A children’s charity.

Compassion has nothing to

do with economics.”

Isn’t it a lovely thought?

Happy Reading.. Tada !!