5 Steps To Get Back To Your Reading Habit

‘You open a book- try to read-your phone beeps-a notification from twitter pops up-you check twitter-spend another hour on having a conversation with a silly stranger on a silly topic-forget about the book-regret’!!

Yes we all are facing such problems in this revolutionary smart world. Nowadays I am being asked by my students and friends that how to start reading and  even if we have started then how to keep showing our love for reading without being distracted. here I am trying to give 5 tips from my own experiences which helped me out to get back to my reading regime this year :


  1. Start with your favorite genre/novel : All your friends hate Chetan Bhagat but you loved his novels during your school or college time? Then start again by picking up one of his novel or you can start with anything you  like to read whether it was Jane Austen or Agatha Christie !! YES!! IT TOTALLY WORKS!! Give your old habit a second chance by starting with your most favorite genre. All you need to do is give a kick start with what does appeal to you. What do you love learning about? What do you love talking about? What topics do you never, ever get tired of? You just need to jot down few of them and need to hunt down your favorite books.pile-of-books
  2. Here the hunt begins: I am often being asked that where to find the suggestions of books or where to find the ratings of any specific book or sometimes I am being asked that from where to buy the books. Well it happens with all of us. In the initial stage even it was difficult for me to hunt down the old book which I liked or the related books from the same authors because once you are off the track of reading then you can’t remain aware of bestsellers, newly published books and all that jazz. Thus I am mentioning few really good and my personal favorite sites which can help you out in hunting down your type of books:
    • GoodReads: This is a social networking platform for readers. Join (you can use your Facebook credentials) and then you can  find your friends and see what they’re reading, find interest-based groups, search book lists, or join a discussion.
    • WhichBook: Here you can choose your book by your specific mood or other fun factors, like Beautiful or Disgusting, Conventional or Unusual, Happy or Sad! This site is helpful when you have never read any book and want to try out something according to your mood or favorite genre.
    • BookBrowse.com: Here you can find lists like ‘Read Alikes’ or you can also find the  lists of comparable books which is handpicked by other readers.
  3. More book lists: Do you still need more reading options? Here I am mentioning few more book lists with those you can find out more options to read, Check it out:
  4. 25-Page Rule : Now this is what I used to do in my initial stage. Yes, I chose 25 page rule to find out whether I am liking the book or not because sometimes we choose a very boring book and we end up throwing it away then we stop reading after that. Hence this rule! If you are really liking the book then you wont even notice that when did you turned the 25th page and when you know that I cant even read first 25 pages then time to shut down the book and start another one. As simple as that!

    Find out time to read: You know what doesn’t disturb your sleep? A book.20151006165136-introvert-reading-books-

    Yes, You don’t need a lot of time to read. you just need to start in-between times. cut down the time you invest on your social media platforms, put your mobile phone on airplane mode for an hour or so. you just need to read between the breaks and for this you can keep the book with you all the time like when you are travelling in a cab, you can read, you can read during your lunch break from work. This will surely help you out to get back to your reading regime.

Well that’s enough from my side. I hope these tips will help you out in starting your reading habit again. Do share your comments or thoughts as well. This is Sonali Agarwal signing off and going to make a hot cup of ginger Chai with that I’ll get back to my current read :The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I shall catch you up again soon till then…

Happy Reading and Stay In Love!