Dollar Bahu

Title: Dollar Bahu
Author: Sudha Murty
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780143103769
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 152
Source:Personal Copy
Rating: 3/5

Few days back, me and my friends were sitting at a cafe and enjoying our favourite coffee. While we were so engrossed in our interesting gossips, I saw a lady who was sitting next to our table. She was reading a book with full concentration. I noticed the name of the author. It was from Sudha Murty. Thus this gave me strong urge to read the book and on my way back to home, I bought one copy for myself! I completed this book in few hours and I must say again that Murty shown me distinct shades of human relations from different perspectives. Though this book was an average read, still it went in a flow. A family drama with many characters involved, looking at people and life from their own thinking made this book a light and one time read up! This dollar bahu costed me few rupees but the gyaan it gave me is priceless!