Steal Her Style (Richa Golecha’s Style Story)

Hola Lovely People.. So are you guys ready for weekend fun?? Not sure about what to wear? As our freaking F.R.I.E.N.D. chandler says  ‘why O why O why’ !!!!!!!!! I won’t say that, because unlike Chandler I know how much it’s difficult to get the perfect look and how much we get confused when it comes to going to a party. Yes..a closet full of clothes gives us trauma and makes us feel like’ SHITTTTTT !! I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO WEAR’ *SOB SOB*

Well Well Well..(Yes.. I said that thrice 😛 )  Here through this post my lovely friend @RichaGolecha is telling her #OneDayStyleStory where she managed to look great by doing some pretty good mix & matching and grabbed a lot of attention as well as compliments.
According to Miss RichieRich {Yes.. That’s what I call her ;-)} this outfit is perfect for a LOUNGE -GET-TOGETHER  OR DJ-PARTIES.
So one lovely evening, for a DJ party she chose this dress which she bought from 109 DegreeF then to increase the style quotient she has done some mix & matching with cool accessories( as you can see in the image). She wore a pretty metal gold toned neck-piece of Juvalia & You brand which she  bought from Delhi, matching earrings of same brand and a lovely watch. She told me that yes, you can add a cherry on the cake by wearing same colour’s ballerinas.( check the image below) and yeahh this look will be incomplete without a-shining-matching-perfect nail paint..!!
Now, I know you all are wondering that this look must be very heavy on her wallet.
Yeahh Yeahh,I know how girls do their shoppingKaafi soch samajh ke 😛
So let’s have a ‘Wallet Check’
Dress – 1000/- 
Neck-piece – 650/-
Earrings- 150/- 
Woahh I must Say – You are So ‘IssMart RichieRich’ And Thanks a lot for sharing this information( Thanks for bearing  my weird questions onWhatsApp and on calls :P)
So party people !!  I hope This #OneDayStyleStory was helpful for you..
Go and Grab the attention..!!
Stay Stylish and Stay Connected 😉
-Yours @BrownRangGirl
(Sonali Agarwal)

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