~Book Review~ 4 Years Trapped In My Mind Palace By Johan Twiss

  About the Book : Diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis, fourteen-year-old Aaron Greenburg is paralyzed from head to toe. Doctors believe he is essentially brain dead and unaware of his surroundings, but Aaron is very much aware—trapped in his own mind with no way to communicate. To cope with his imprisonment, he retreats to... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight : Keith Lawton

  In my blog’s new Author Spotlight feature, I’ll be focusing on a different authors every month – be it a non-fiction writers who wrote their hearts out, or have stood the test of time, or debut authors destined to be a future bestsellers. I’ll be discussing just what it is that makes their body... Continue Reading →

Micro-nutrient deficiency : A hidden gap in your child’s diet plan

In India, parents generally pay attention only to the physical growth of a child and not the overall brain development and immunity levels. The diet normally followed in Indian households is rich in macronutrients supporting only physical growth but lack in micro nutrients, which are essential for overall mental and brain development.  This implies that... Continue Reading →


Few weeks back, I met with a friend of mine for some work purpose! She was looking little depressed from the beginning of the meeting! After finishing that meeting, we went to a cafe to have some coffee and while we were having coffee, suddenly she started crying for no reason. I was shocked to... Continue Reading →

~Book Review~ Outland Exile: Book 1 of Old Men and Infidels By W. Clark Boutwell

I received a free copy of this book from OnlineBookClub and this book was "OnlineBookClub.org Book of the Day" About the Author : Born in Chicago and raised outside Philadelphia, Clark has taught and practiced intensive care for newborn infants on four continents and eight countries, as he continues to do. He lives with his bride... Continue Reading →

~Book Review~ Lucifer And Eva By Eric Ziegler

  About the Book : The archangel Lucifer, an angel known for rebellion, is dispatched to spy on a demon named Eva, the only demon to ever infiltrate Heaven. The two meet and battle for the first time, but only until a spell opens a gateway to Hell. When that happens, Lucifer has but one choice. To... Continue Reading →

~Book Review~ Raging Falcon By Stephen C Perkins

About the Book :  THE PAST IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS... AND, IN THIS NEW WORLD...  THE SUN HAD SET FOREVER. (For fans of Brave New World/1984) One man-sorcerer disguised as soldier-used BLACK MAGIC to change American history-FOREVER! In the 21st century, wars are won in the mind rather than on battlefields. Major Stacey Truman... Continue Reading →

~Book Review~ Lankan 1001 Nights ‘Part- 2’ (a novel of two parts) By Bill Reed

About the Book : O King, his name mightn’t be Scheherazade, but if he was a she, it might well have been. You never know. And, anyway, to sing for his supper or else be despatched, the Talls-reteller must spin his cut-it-out ways to your royal self. If you had ever been listening, you might be... Continue Reading →

`Book Review` Playing Hurt By Gerald L. Nardella

  Note: I received a free copy of this book from Online Book Club in exchange for an honest review. Playing Hurt was selected as an OnlineBookClub.org Book of the Day.  Its a story of Brian who is in his senior year of high school, hoping to make the best of it. But his girlfriend,... Continue Reading →

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