July 11

Happy to find PLACE of ORIGIN.in

Last weekend I visited my friend’s place for house party. My gang of girls was meeting after a long time! The plan was to order pizza and do a lot of gossiping over beer 😉 I went there after a super hectic day and I was super hungry when I reached! Out of my habit […]

July 04

ORTHO AID ~A VLCC wellscience product~

Woah! First post in July! How are you all.. my lovely readers? Few days back, my aunt told me that she was suffering from heavy pain in her knees. I got little worried and like a ‘Smart Person’ of this era, I googled the symptoms as explained by my aunt and then I came to […]

Where’s the Water !

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~Book Review~ Modern Slavery and the Gods of Consumption By Ofer Even

                                                    This is the type of book I can see being studied by journalists and in schools to point out society and its pressures. An interesting plot, attention to detail, […]

June 22

~Wedding Venues in India~

Ahoy my lovely people!! Last week I attended my best friend’s wedding and the idea of writing this post came from that event! I have seen her struggling for wedding venues and she actually said this to me that ‘ Sonali!!! Finding a soulmate is easier than finding a wedding venue’. 😛 WELL!! Have you […]

~Book Review~ 2036 : The Proof By Zvi Speiser

I love good sci-fi and supernatural thrillers, so this one was a natural pick up for me and thankfully!!! It did not disappoint me. First of all, I loved the title of this book. Also the blurb of the book is quite thrilling and intriguing!! Plus the characters were fairly well developed and appealing.  ‘2036 the […]

~Book Review~ Walking to Woot: A Photographic Narrative Discovering New Dimensions for Parent-Teen Bonding By Jackie Chase

Walking to Woot: A Photographic Narrative Discovering New Dimensions for Parent-Teen Bonding by Jackie Chase is a nonfiction book that has a lot to offer to readers, parents and children, a fantastic adventure that chronicles the experiences of Jackie and Katherine.. Mom and daughter duo as they explore the jungles to unearth what can be […]

June 19

Get Well Soon – PCOS #GetFitWithVLCC

Hola Lovely People! How have you been? Well !! This is my first post in June and I promise you that from today I will try to blog more frequently! In this post; I am going to discuss about a very serious health issue in females …& that is : PCOS Wondering!! What’s PCOS?  Well […]

June 13

A well spent Sunday at #LetsTalk event!

June 11, Sunday!! I was invited to an event and I didn’t know that I was going to experience some really good moments filled with fun and insights on stress and depression. The theme of this event was Let’s talk and main speaker Psychologist & counsellor Ms. Deepa was already there on time. The staff of […]

June 08

~Book Review~ The Hand: The Mirror of The Soul By Talma Brill

The Hand: The Mirror of The Soul by Talma Brill was an interesting read up. I loved the idea that there are different ways to read not just the lines of your hands but also your hand themselves. The practice of palm reading or chirology can be found all over the world, with numerous cultural […]